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Herbies Roast

Named after our owners grandfather who passed away. Before he did, invested in the company to hel...
Washed Swiss Water Guatemala Decaf
From $20.00

Cold Brew Concentrate

Available in four flavors, original, chocolate, caramel & vanilla. 
This ready to drink iced coffee comes in packs or 4 of one single...
This ready to drink iced coffee comes in packs or 4 of one single ...

Face Mask

A collaboration between two local companies Ladder Coffee and Local Knits.  These are pre orders ...

Dad Hat

Made by local makers “Local Knits” here in Spokane Washington.


Select your size at checkout - everyone needs a cozy coffee sweater!
Linea Mini Features and Specifications
*Dual Boilers Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing a...
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Online Tip Jar

Many of you have asked how you can continue to support the families working at Ladder Coffee. Thi...
Mandarin Orange • Red Currant • Floral
From $13.50

Expo Blend

Bold • Dark Chocolate • Brown Sugar
From $13.50

509 Seasonal Coffee

Chocolate • Caramel • Raisin
From $14.50

Ethiopia Kochere Boji

Pineapple • Mango • Lemon
Grannysmith Apple • Caramel • Cherry
From $14.00

Ethiopia Halu Beriti

Guava • Candied Orange • Lime
This holiday season give the gift of quality, local coffee with our Ladder Coffee Gift Box. Wheth...
Whether your indecisive or just enjoy have a variety of options, our brand-new single origin flig...