Ladder Coffee started off as a dream in our minds to make the industry a more honest and approachable place. Starting on our front porch in early 2017, we started to serve friends and create a gathering place for people. Serving coffee from roasters like Onyx Coffee Lab, Dapper and Wise, Presta Coffee, and Temple, it was easy for quality to stand out from the start.

After a month of these weekend gatherings, we grew to over 100+ friends coming to our home every Saturday throughout the end of Fall. We then realized that our following wanted to see more of us, and with that, we started Spokane’s first specialty coffee drive-thru.

Within 10 months of serving coffee from our drive-thru location, we had outgrown the space! This lead us to Browne’s Addition, where we had the amazing opportunity to renovate an apartment building (built in 1904), now known as The Dormitory. The space has allowed us to house our cafe and roastery, along with Glorious Bakery, Fern Plant Shop & The Lookout Gift Shop. We are excited to be in such a thriving community that supports local business!

We are currently just launched a 2nd location in Spokane Valley partnering with Canopy Credit Union. This unique location is home to our 1600sq ft brick and mortar fully equipped w/a drive-thru and food program.